We offer advice and assistance in all criminal matters, whether you are arrested and questioned by the police or other government body, our expert solicitors will ensure that you are advised on your rights and entitlements throughout the investigation.

We will work tirelessly to defend you and to prepare and present your case robustly to achieve the best result possible.

Our solicitors are available 24 hours a day to provide you with representation anywhere in England and Wales. We have representatives who will provide you with our high level of advice and assistance within 45 minutes of your arrest and detention.

Our clients appreciate our attention to detail and effective service, and many use our services time and again. If you have been charged or are suspected of committing a criminal offence we would be happy to discuss the matter with you in complete confidence. If you are not eligible for Legal Aid at the Magistrates Court or Crown Court, we offer fixed fees starting from £350.00 plus vat.

Our 24 hour helpline – 07950 302 944